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Santa Barbara County ROP/CTE Regional Occupational Program
Career Technical Education for High School Students

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About Santa Barbara County ROP/CTE

The Santa Barbara County Education Office Regional Occupational Program ROP/CTE offers high-quality career technical education courses, career education, career development and workforce preparation to approximately 3,500 high school students per year in the Santa Maria, Lompoc, Santa Ynez, Santa Barbara and Carpinteria communities.  We offer career technical education courses in the following areas:

Agriculture and Natural Resources
Arts, Media and Entertainment
Building Trades and Construction
Education, Child Development/Family Services
Energy and Utilities
Engineering and Design
Finance and Business


Health Science and Medical Technology
Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation
Information Technology
Manufacturing and Product Development
Marketing, Sales and Service
Public Services

  • ROP/CTE courses are articulated or get dual credit with local community colleges.

  • Sixteen ROP/CTE courses are approved by the UC to meet entrance requirements.

  • Students in ROP/CTE classes earn credits towards their high school graduation.

  • Students are taught a rigorous and relevant curriculum integrated with core academic standards.

  • Eleven ROP/CTE courses meet academic requirements (Math, English, Fine Arts, Economics & Science).

  • Over 500 students each year are placed in on-the-job training, internships and/or project-based learning opportunities.

  • All courses are based on current and future labor-market demands.

  • Students who complete an ROP/CTE course receive a Certificate of Skills based on industry standards.

The Santa Barbara County Education Office is the CTEIG TA Team for Region 5.  Please contact us at (805) 937-8427 if you have any questions regarding the Career Technical Incentive Grant. 
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