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Santa Barbara County ROP/CTE Regional Occupational Program
Career Technical Education for High School Students

Why Take an ROP/CTE Class?

Learn high quality career technical education, career education, career development, workforce preparation that will prepare you for college or career.

Most ROP/CTE classes are articulated or get dual credit with local community colleges.

Many ROP/CTE classes are approved by UC to meet entrance credit.

Students in ROP/CTE classes earn credits towards their high school graduation.

Students are taught relevant curriculum integrated with core academic standards.

ROP/CTE courses meet academic requirements (Math, English, Fine Arts, Economics and Science).

All ROP/CTE classes contain a unit on Job Application Skills and General Workplace Skills.

After successfully completing an ROP/CTE course, you will receive a Certificate of Skills that lists all of the job skills you have mastered and that are based on industry standards.

ROP/CTE courses are taught by instructors with years of experience in their career specialty.

ROP/CTE courses meet business and industry standards as established by an employer advisory committee.
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